Dating dog whores

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She was made to go through the refuse-filled dumpster outside the office, retrieve the newspaper, and put it in the recycling bin. Open all hours: Bosses like to have you on call at all hours.

I understand that men are visual creatures and this is technically just eye candy, a harmless distraction from the mundane, similar to Sports Illustrated or soft porn. Am I being crazy, bitter, jealous that my waist-to-hip ratio will never resemble a 4th grade math equation and my mirror selfie will never garner 7,142,388 likes?

Please keep in mind that his wife is gorgeous and works very hard on retaining the same physique she had in high school when they met, after having two children.

Granted, I did her a favor and unfollowed them all.

Rather, it is the idea of men virally following these girls – quite literally, like a bunch of dogs following a foul smell – that is unnerving. During a trip to Russia a few months back, my childhood best friend complained about her husband’s questionable Instagram activity.

Going through his phone, we discovered that 100 of his 200 followees were indeed Instasluts: gym selfies, car selfies, mirror in the mirror of a mirror selfies – how many reflective surfaces can these girls find?

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